Estimate on Recycling Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost

Tyre Pyrolysis

Billion of tyre products are manufactured each year globally, and all of them will eventually go waste. Most of the tyre wastes end up in landfills hence causing environmental pollution. Fortunately, waste tyre is excellent raw materials for producing petroleum products through tyre pyrolysis process.

In conventional recycling technologies, less about 10% of the tyre are recycled, and the rest continue posing a threat to the environment. In this case, tire recycling machine cost effective machine recycles up to 100% of the tyre waste. The pyrolysis plant utilizes both thermal and mechanical processing to convert tyre waste into oil.

Recycling Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Recycling Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The pyrolysis of waste tyres utilizes thermal decomposition in the absence of air. In this case, the tyre waste is heated to high temperatures and large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules that result in wide range of hydrocarbons. The end products of tyre waste are oil, which consists of useful petroleum products.

The recycling capacity of pyrolysis waste tyre recycling plant cost effective machines can vary with the model. In this case, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process over 1000 ton of tyre waste each year.

Advantages of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine

Waste tyre is very harmful substances that pose health challenges to human beings. The pyrolysis process efficiently converts tyre waste into useful oil. Here the benefits of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine. Click here to know more:


The machine has safety devices such as alarm, safety valve, and pressure gauge that help to prevent fire in the reactor.


The pyrolysis plant does cause any pollution to the environment. In fact, the plant does not produce vapor and have an effective dust removal device.

Energy saving

The anti-fire device collect the exhaust gasses and use it as fuel after the oil runs out. In this case, you will save a lot of energy and money.

Fully automatic

The tyre recycling machine for sale is fully automated and can do almost all the processing without the input of man. It consists of automatic devices such as auto-feeder, automatic oil pump, carbon black elevator, and automatic pressure control.

Application of final products

There are many useful applications of the final product of the waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine. Here are the end products of Pyrolysis and their applications.

Pyrolysis oil

The oil fuel from tyre waste has many industrial and domestic applications. It is used in steam boilers, melting furnaces, and thermic fluid heaters. Moreover, pyrolysis oil can be used to produce electricity in power generators.

Carbon black

This is another useful end product of pyrolysis that is used to manufacture cable jackets and pipes. Carbon black significantly reduces the production cost of these products. Get information about pyrolysis machine manufacturers here.

Waste gas

The exhaust gasses are recycled back to the reactor as fuel. In this case, waste will save a lot of money that could have been used on fuel.

Impact of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective plant

The waste tyre Pyrolysis plant utilizes environmentally-friendly technology that releases no harmful substances to the environment. Therefore, waste tyre pyrolysis plant has a positive impact on the environment since to prevent accumulation of hazardous substances in the environment.