Top Reasons To Purchase Dry Batch Concrete Plants

Acquiring knowledge of the top reasons to purchase dry batch plant is very insightful information for those in the construction industry. Usually concrete mix plants are two types, wet concrete batch plants (also known as central mix plants) and dry batch concrete plants (transit mix plants). This type of mix plant weighs gravel, cement and sand in weigh batchers via manual or digital scales. Normally, all its ingredients are discharged in a chute which in turn discharges into a truck that was on standby. As this proceeds, water is volumetrically metered or weighed through the same chute and is discharged into the mixer truck. The ingredients are then mixed for 70-100 revolutions or five minutes minimum on transit to the construction site.

Dry batch concrete plants have a number of advantages. They include the fact that it has no concrete mixers at all, it shortens the period of construction and enhances productivity. Generally, it is a type of concrete mixing plant for sale that is very suitable for concrete in large demands.

dry batch concrete plant

Top reasons to purchase dry batch concrete plants
1. Options
It provides a wide variety of options to the user. These options include the following:
i. Concrete mixed at the job site – While on transit to the job site, the drum on the truck is turned at low speeds (agitating speed). On arrival at the job site, the concrete is totally mixed. The drum is consequently turned for about five minute or for 70-100 revolutions and this is done at mixing speed.

ii. Concrete mixed in the yard – The drum on the track is turned at 12-15 revolutions per minute for fifty revolutions or at high speed. This facilitates a swift check on the batch. Afterwards, the concrete is slowly agitated while on transit to the job site. In short, there is no twin shaft concrete mixers or any other mixers in a dry batching plant.

iii. Concrete mixed in transit – The drum is normally turned at around eight revolutions per minute for a total of 70 revolutions. This is done on transit to the job site. The drum is then slowed gradually to agitating speed.

2. Cost
The operating cost of dry batch concrete plants is relatively cheap. That is one of the top reasons to purchase dry batch concrete plants, and more benefits here:

3. Dependability
The reliability, maintainability and availability of dry batch concrete plants is in real sense quite similar to that of other plants in the market. What makes it stand out is the short duration of maintenance needed when compared to wet mix plants. This can translate to higher revenues for those providing or using dry batch concrete plants. This is because the mixing is transferred to a mixer truck for availability and that it has less components.

4. Power consumption
It has lower power consumption in comparison to the wet mix concrete plant.

5. Mechanization
It has a high degree of automation and mechanization that can simplify and hasten production.

6. Alarming system
They have automatic alarming function. This avoids the possibility of occurrence of unnecessary accidents.

Dry batch concrete plants are much-welcomed modern concrete production equipment with high automation that will continue to significantly assist in the construction and development of modern roads, bridges and numerous concrete construction works. The above are top reasons to purchase dry batch concrete plants.