What Are The Features Of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant And How Do They Work?

Waste tyre pyrolysis plants have quite a few components, and they facilitate a recycling process that can prove extremely beneficial. Using a tire oil plant can turn tires into fuel, and there are two products that are left when you’re done. You get the fuel that you expect in liquid form, and you get gas fuel, too. What is the gas fuel for? It is used to power the reactor as you start the entire process over again to produce more liquid fuel from the recycled tires.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia

You can see that the reactor is where everything starts. This is where you put the raw materials into the waste tire pyrolysis equipment. Once you have the batch of tires in there, you just have to make sure the reactor is sealed and ready to go. The reactor is going to heat up to high temperatures, and as you can imagine, not even gases should be allowed to escape from the reactor.

The process is a simple one, but all steps must be followed appropriately. There are different types of ways you can fuel the reactor. In a previous paragraph, it was mentioned that you could use one of the end gas products to help fuel the reactor time and time again. While that is true, there are also other substances used like coal and wood. What do you plan to use as fuel to heat up the reactor? You definitely need to make sure you have the fuel in place. A continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is easier to operate. Here is a video from Beston Group showing the entire process.

Do you know what temperature is required to heat up the tires to the point they turn into liquid gas? That reactor has to heat up to right around 250 degrees. What’s the next stop for the liquid the oil that leaves the reactor? It’s on its way to the condensing system after that. This is where the oil gets divided into two types of substances. Essentially, the oil gas is being liquefied, but not all of it can go through that process. As a top waste tyre recycling plant supplier, Beston can provide you with the top quality machines to lower your waste tyre recycling plant cost.

So you wind up with gas and liquid oil. Reusing that gas is part of how you are going to reduce energy costs for your waste tyre pyrolysis plant. There is a feeder system by the way that is going to get the tires to the reactor. This is also a patent technology of Beston Machinery. And while it was mentioned that the temperature of the reactor has to get up to at least 250 degrees, the temperature can indeed get up to 500 degrees, which is double. And Beston also has covered a casing on the pyrolysis machine to protect the workers from high temperature.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Jordan

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Jordan

You can get more than just pyrolysis oil from the tires. There is also steel wire as a product and carbon black, too. What do you think about the features of a waste tyre pyrolysis plant? You just have to let the machine do its work after you have followed all the necessary steps. These plants are very beneficial in many ways, and they make it to where the tires are used for various purposes. It’s all about the recycling process.

Portable Waste Processing Plant Helps Produce Your Own Fuel in Your Own Premises

People generate a massive amount of plastic waste each year. This waste is collected in landfills across the world and poses a risk to the well-being of individuals as well as the environment. That is where the small waste plastic recycling machine comes in handy. Plastic is an item that isn’t biodegradable. But plastic could be converted into diesel or reshaped and reused once again. That way the advantages of a pyrolysis machine setup cannot be denied in any way. That is why you need to invest in a compact waste recycling machine on the market. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a portable waste plastic recycling machine on the market.

BLJ-6 Waste Pyrolysis Machine in Hungary

BLJ-6 Waste Pyrolysis Machine in Hungary

A portable waste processing plant helps produce your own fuel in your own premises. Since oil isn’t a renewable resource, your company can take advantage of a waste recycling plant to produce diesel and other fuels that you require. A quality recycling machine will use small amounts of raw materials for this process. That way you can get a better ROI for the money you invest in such a small pyrolysis machine. That is why you need to invest in a compact waste recycling plant for your company.

If you dump plastic materials in landfills, it will pollute the environment and water streams around the landfills. On the other hand, plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade. Hence, you are doing a big service to the environment when you invest in a plastic recycling machine and recycle the plastic that is collected in your office or industrial setting. This will minimize air and water pollution over time. When you send the plastic waste into the recycling machine, you contribute a lot to the environment by helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. That is why you need to invest in a waste plastic recycling machine on the market.

Waste Pyrolysis Reactor

Waste Pyrolysis Reactor

A high-quality plastic recycling machine will help you recycle plastic without consuming much energy. The best machines are designed to be highly energy-efficient. That is why it is important that you invest in a high-quality waste plastic recycling plant on the market. Your research becomes essential in this regard. You may find a host of recycling plants on the market. But all of these machines are not created the same. In fact, you should be able to find the best manufacturer of plastic waste recycling plants on the market when buying the right product. See pyrolysis plant in Nigeria here.

The internet is a good place to start your search for the best portable plastic pyrolysis machine. Make sure that you perform a Google, Bing or Yahoo search when shopping for the best small plastic recycling plant on the market. Check the reputation of the manufacturer, quality of the plastic or waste tyre pyrolysis plant, customer reviews, and price of the unit before you decide to invest in the right product. That way you can easily invest in the best plastic recycling plant on the market. It will help you to save your precious time and money in the long run.

The Most Cost-effective Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale

Pyrolysis equipment is a modern equipment that decomposes organic materials at high temperatures without the use of oxygen. Recently, waste disposal has brought serious environmental concerns in the world. We all know that plastic waste is a common feature in our lives hence the need to effectively dispose it. Through modern technology, you can now convert plastic to oil thanks to introduction of the pyrolysis equipment. This is the right plastic to oil machine for sale. The equipment can operate at constant pressure, has enough space to handle plastic and other materials, rotates at high speed and is quite powerful hence it’s quite efficient. It can work 3-4 shifts per day before it’s allowed to cool down. The oil from plastics can be used for burning or can be refined to be used as gasoline. The machine has a safety device that enables safe oil conversion process.

Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale

Most Cost-effective Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale

The advantage of this pyrolysis equipment is that it’s easy to operate, environmentally friendly, simple, reliable, fuel-efficient and is easy to maintain. It can be used to recycle waste tires, rubber, plastics etc. Out of these waste materials, it creates environmental friendly products that are of high value. It comes at a reasonable price hence a viable investment. It’s the best plastic to oil machine for sale. The oil which comes from these materials can be used to burn industrial materials or converted further to produce gasoline or diesel. When it comes to solid waste management, it’s the perfect choice. It can be used in different applications. For tires and plastics, pyrolysis process can take 8 to 12 hours but it depends on the amount and type of waste being disposed. The final product produced is oil which is environmental friendly and is used in both commercial and domestic applications. During the process no catalyst is used to speed up the process. If a catalyst has to be used, it only adds color and flavor of the oil.

pyrolysis equipment

Pyrolysis Equipment

The wide range of applications makes it the best plastic to oil machine for sale since it can also used as biomass carbonization plant where wood molecules are transformed to carbon and coal. Biomass is a renewable resource that is generated during the process of photosynthesis. It’s a recent introduction in technology. The oil that comes as a result of this process can be used as fuel. It can be further refined to run engines and in boiler factories by waste plastic to diesel machine. Pyrolysis equipment is very efficient making it the best plastic to oil machine for sale. Further it can be used as a charcoal carbonization machine where substances that contain carbon are broken down to other chemical compounds through the process of heating. The machine makes the environment eco –friendly since it does not emit harmful substances making it a pollution free process.

This plastic recycling machinery for sale is automatic since it feeds in the materials to be disposed and discharges them on it’s own. It guarantees safety and is highly efficient. It’s a good investment since it will bring you high profits in the long run. This makes it a valuable plastic to oil machine for sale.

Information About Rubber Powder Machines

With the quick progress of the world transportation field and automobile field, the demand of all type of tires is raising every day. Now, over billions of tires are sold all parts of the world each year. Based on the research, fifty to fifty five percent raw rubbers are utilized for the tire producing each year. For security purpose, automobiles must alter tires after each 30,000 to 50,000 km travel distance. In this method, billions of waste tires, up to seventeen million tons can be manufactured in one year. waste tires are a type of refractory polymer elastomer or non fusible material that will need more years to decompose. Waste tire issue has turned as very serious issue to atmosphere. Besides, there is a rubber recycling machine to utilize waste rubber.

tyre shredder for sale

Tyre Shredder For Sale

Semi Automatic:

Due to this, apart from pyrolysis equipment, the rubber powder manufacturing line is another growth and design machine availed for recycling waste tires to rubber powder. This rubber powder is availed for processing availed tires and rubbers to rubber powders. The rubber powder machine can separate the three big raw materials had in tires: steel wire, rubber and fiber. By the rubber reducer can bring back the utilized tires and rubber to the status prior vulcanization, that can be availed for creating all types of rubber items, hence as to attain the waste recycling. To better fulfill consumers demand, manufacturers deliver two types of rubber powder making line. One is semi automatical production line and other is fully automatical. The first line semi automatic has five parts like tire strip, tire ring cutter, tire block cutter, steel wire separator and rubber powder production machine.

Beston Rubber Powder Production Line

Beston Rubber Powder Production Line

Fully Automatic:

Tire ring cutter is availed for cutting the tire steel wire. Tire steel wire separator is for separating the wire from the tires, tire strip cutter is for cutting the tire to trips for tire block tire block cutter is utilized for cutting the tire, rubber powder manufacturing machine is the final step to procedure the tire blocks to rubber powder. Companies have various standards of rubber powder production line can process the rubber powder in to various sizes for different uses. Fully automatical has three parts like tire shredder, steel wire drawing machine and rubber powder manufacturing machine. Steel wire drawing equipment is availed for pulling out the wire from the tires in the automatic manner. If you wanna turn these rubber to oil, contact Beston for details.

Different Size and Uses:

Tyre shredder can process the full tires or big tire in to small pieces. Rubber powder manufacturing machine is the final step to process the tires to rubber powder. Manufacturers have various standards of rubber powder making machine can process the rubber powder in to various sizes for various uses. The process is to change the granulated products in to fine powder. This is performed by the way of pulverizes. They are high speed grinders that are utilized for processing the hard, friable, impact resistant materials. The waste produced from the chemical, food and pharmaceutical field can be pulverized to prepare the fine powder. Rubber powder is widely availed to construct high way road, playground etc.

tyre cutting machine

Tyre Cutting Machine

More detailed information about the rubber powder machine can be found on this page bestonturkey.com.

Think about the Cost of the Continuous Plastic Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

The atmospheric danger for the earth ensures that continuous waste plastic recycling machine cost is very small when they are in comparison with more injury to natural planet. Because of higher than a century of making of materials from plastic, oil products saturated the universe. The items were proclaimed as unable to the producing but further variety of other branches of heavy factory. Because of the tough to believe properties, unnatural, plastic rubber and many other items manufactured from oil permitted the world to industrialize itself and new at a greater pace. But after more number of continuous usages of them, these machines have begun to make a major damage to the environment.

Plastic Recycling Equipment

Plastic Recycling Equipment


Because of this, the continuous waste pyrolysis plant costs are low; it does not matter about what basic funds it may need to hold on operating. The opposite side that is to leave of the oil items when they were, disposed and left from the surrounding refers a particular devastation from the common habitats in the place they may be situated. Luckily as a result of the technique of covering plastic in to fuel this issue may be resolved but still, people who see themselves active can get a profit by the similar endeavour. Pyrolysis is actually a method made by chemical engineering which is structured do use of particular facilities with the aim of changing plastic waste in to factory class fuel oil. Plastic demand more, several years to discompose and change in to return on the real elements.

continuous pyrolysis plant

continuous pyrolysis plant

Proper care and precision:

But this plastic recycling machine cost is today very cheap that they permit for the same method to be changed in to an ad setting. Plastic waste, tires, rubber and other materials based on the crude oil derivatives may be turn as pyrolysis oil which is used for industrial reasons such as industrial burners or power generators. This is possibly the main reasons why continuous plastic pyrolysis machine price may seem expensive with a persons, but really, they may be over an invited investment from the ecological viewpoint and a clearly business outlook. Naturally, for this necessary process to happen, specialized machinery must be availed. Luckily, pyrolysis plants and the added machines are made and produced with the right care and precision.


Due to this any pyrolysis machine are over value the outcomes that not just supply a firm that contains a gain but in addition removes dangerous waste prior it reaches the natural atmosphere. When purchasing this machine, you will want to first consider about the cost. There are some methods to assist you save the cost of the machine. Lower cost can help you to save price and make profit space. These machines are in great demand and get good costs in the market that will definitely get the cost back fast and bring you best benefits. One year warranty and lifelong maintenance of the machine service provider will be useful to buyer.The well established company may provide a best continuous plastic recycling pyrolysis machine at a good cost. You can find the waste plastic recycling plant project report to know more.

Do You Know The Plastic Pyrolysis Machine?

Pyrolysis machine is an appliance which converts waste plastic, rubber and tires into other useful substances such as hydrocarbon gas, carbon black and pyrolysis oil. Plastic pyrolysis machine is also known as plastic to oil machine and also waste plastic to fuel conversion machine. The small pyrolysis machine is effective in reducing the number of plastic wastes and hence assisting the human in safeguarding the environment. Plastic has been one of the most widely used materials since the early 20th century. Plastic is commonly used due to its low cost, durability and light weight. It is without a doubt that our households have numerous things made from plastic. These are inclusive of car body parts, plastic packages, plastic bottles, plastic wraps and containers and also electronic goods. It is approximated that 30% of all garbage collected is usually plastic. These materials cannot be decomposed in the soil. Continuous dumping of plastic materials, therefore, poses severe environmental risks to the humankind. The rate at which plastic materials degrade is very slow leading to a metabolic disturbance that not only affects humans but also land and marine animals.

Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer

Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer-Beston Machinery

Solving the plastic pollution is one of the top priorities of humans. As far as particular measures such as reuse of plastic materials are usually involved in the control measures, the best way to deal with waste plastic materials is by recycling them. The waste plastic pyrolysis and recycling are advantageous since despite reducing plastic pollution, it is also an income generating activity. Pyrolysis Machine is an environmentally friendly system which utilizes the catalytic breakdown reaction and nonstop liquefaction technology to convert waste plastic materials into renewable resources. An example of renewable resources derived from waste products is inclusive of combustible gas, carbon black, pyrolysis oil among many other products. These products can be applied to generators and diesel engines.

Most plastic pyrolysis machines use a chemical process intensification which boasts the chemical process of pyrolysis. The chemical process is efficient in that it saves a lot of time, energy and also improves the quality of the product being made. Highly efficient plastic pyrolysis machines are capable of recycling hard plastics such as multi-layer films, laminates and incompatible polymer. Check the Beston pyrolysis plastic recycling plant cost now.

Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Plastic recycling machines boast some advantages which make it useful and widely utilized to control plastic pollution. These machines are based on available technology, their raw materials are readily available, they need a short recovery period, they recycle completely with no materials left, there is no catalyst used, and most importantly, plastic recycling pyrolysis plant price is very fair.

It is advisable to utilize the plastic recycling technology made available by the plastic pyrolysis machine to control plastic pollution. These pyrolysis plastic recycling equipment are easy to use yet very efficient in their work. It is amazing how they cheap to maintain considering the environmental and economic benefit they bore. Plastic pyrolysis machines from Beston Machinery are here to change the world. A lot of people have been employed in the plastic recycling industry. The products of recycled plastic have also been helpful in other industries all summing up the beneficial nature of plastic pyrolysis machine.

Your Ultimate Pyrolysis Machine that Effectively Turns Plastic into Fuel


Pyrolysis plant is essentially a plant that subjects, say, plastic to extremely high temperatures (400 – 450 degree Celsius) effectively turning plastic into fuel oil. The plant process breaks down plastic into smaller molecules of pyrolysis gas, carbon black and pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis plant, therefore, provides a great way of reducing, reusing and recycling waste plastic products. Below are more details on turning waste plastic to oil machine cost, features and benefits.

conversion of plastic waste to fuel oil 

Conversion of plastic waste to fuel oil

Is our pyrolysis machine environmentally friendly?

Yes! With a whole set of effective carbon black discharging mechanism, our machine enables you to collect carbon black into bags, turns it into fuel and hence make money out of it. The resulting smoke, on the other hand, is filtered by use of reliable dust removing systems, draught fans, as well as a cooling chimney to further remove dust and ensure the final emission into the environment is colorless, odorless and contains no pollutants-and hence is environmentally friendly. The oil from plastic waste fetches good price in the market.

Economical features of our pyrolysis machines

1. Our pyrolysis plant greatly saves energy. Equipped with effective waste gas (such as ethane, methane, propane, hydrogen) recycling system, besides our waste plastic pyrolysis plant costing less, it recycles back the gas right into the incinerator to heat reactor. The end result is a huge saving on energy making our plant very economical. This system is, therefore, ideal for customers who are working on a lean budget and seeks to save on fuel.

waste plastic to fuel plant

Waste plastic to fuel plant

2. High Oil yield. Besides waste plastic to fuel machine costing a fraction of other alternatives, our system adopts advanced reliable and independent cooling mechanism. We focus our efforts towards increasing the rate of cooling and increasing the cooling area so as to cool a lot of oil gas to obtain more oil. Additionally, we use a catalyst so as to output high quality oil. All these efforts as well as our long experience in this field enable our pyrolysis machine to output more high quality oil.

Benefits of using our Pyrolysis machines


Our waste plastic to oil machine comes with several safety features including safety valve, pressure gauge, and alarm devices among may more. Whenever there is excess pressure in the reactor, the alarm will ring to notify you. If not around, there is no cause for alarm; the handy safety valve release pressure automatically. We have also eliminated the risk of explosion thanks to the presence of anti-back fire device and oil-water separator. These two features prevent the waste from going back into the reactor and jamming it.

Entirely automatic

Turning plastic into fuel oil tyre pyrolysis machine cost is not only low but the machine is fully automatic. We have automated by equipping it with an auto-feeder that can put ten tons of its raw materials into the reactor in 2 to 3 hours, up from the manpower’s loading rate of ten tons in 6 to 7 hours. Additionally, the rest of the process right from feeding to discharge is entirely automatic. What is the outcome? Our Pyrolysis machines are extremely easy to operate.


If you are looking for a machine that can enable you turn plastic waste into cash, is environmentally friendly and extremely safe, we have a perfect solution for you. Our tried and tested, widely preferred and reliable turning plastic into fuel oil pyrolysis machine costing less than its actual worth is ideal for you. Apart from the above positive features, it is economical to operate.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant – Oil Fuel from Tyre Has Many Industrial and Domestic Applications

Tyre Pyrolysis

Billion of tyre products are manufactured each year globally, and all of them will eventually go waste. Most of the tyre wastes end up in landfills hence causing environmental pollution. Fortunately, waste tyre is excellent raw materials for producing petroleum products through tyre pyrolysis process.

In conventional recycling technologies, less about 10% of the tyre are recycled, and the rest continue posing a threat to the environment. In this case, tire recycling machine cost effective machine recycles up to 100% of the tyre waste. The pyrolysis plant utilizes both thermal and mechanical processing to convert tyre waste into oil.

Recycling Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Recycling Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The pyrolysis of waste tyres utilizes thermal decomposition in the absence of air. In this case, the tyre waste is heated to high temperatures and large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules that result in wide range of hydrocarbons. The end products of tyre waste are oil, which consists of useful petroleum products.

The recycling capacity of tyre to oil plant cost effective machines can vary with the model. In this case, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process over 1000 ton of tyre waste each year.

Advantages of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine

Waste tyre is very harmful substances that pose health challenges to human beings. The pyrolysis process efficiently converts tyre waste into useful oil. Here the benefits of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine.


The machine has safety devices such as alarm, safety valve, and pressure gauge that help to prevent fire in the reactor.


The pyrolysis plant does cause any pollution to the environment. In fact, the plant does not produce vapor and have an effective dust removal device.

Energy saving

The anti-fire device collect the exhaust gasses and use it as fuel after the oil runs out. In this case, you will save a lot of energy and money.

Fully automatic

The tyre pyrolysis plant for sale is fully automated and can do almost all the processing without the input of man. It consists of automatic devices such as auto-feeder, automatic oil pump, carbon black elevator, and automatic pressure control.

Application of final products

There are many useful applications of the final product of the waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective machine. Here are the end products of Pyrolysis and their applications.

Pyrolysis oil

The oil fuel from tyre waste has many industrial and domestic applications. It is used in steam boilers, melting furnaces, and thermic fluid heaters. Moreover, pyrolysis oil can be used to produce electricity in power generators.

Carbon black

This is another useful end product of pyrolysis that is used to manufacture cable jackets and pipes. Carbon black significantly reduces the production cost of these products. Get information about tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers here.

Waste gas

The exhaust gasses are recycled back to the reactor as fuel. In this case, waste will save a lot of money that could have been used on fuel.

Impact of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant cost effective plant

The waste tyre Pyrolysis plant utilizes environmentally-friendly technology that releases no harmful substances to the environment. Therefore, waste tyre pyrolysis plant has a positive impact on the environment since to prevent accumulation of hazardous substances in the environment.

Benefits from A Tyre Recycling Plant Project

Scrap tires are a big problem. In fact, more than 6 million tons of scrap tires are produced each year in Japan, USA and EU. There are huge landfills that are full of scrap tires. Also, the number of scrap tires keeps increasing with the growth in automotive industry. Scrap tires have become a big environmental concern all over the world as the chemicals from these waste tyres start seeping into the soil and may pollute the groundwater underneath. The tire recycling plant has played its big role in recycling waste.

In many cases, large amount of scrap tires are simply dumped in various sites where it may lead to accidental fires and other kinds of pollution. Since rubber isn’t biodegradable, scrap tyre dumps create big environmental problems. Thankfully, scrap tires can now be easily converted into useful products with the help of pyrolysis technology, which is developed by one of the most professional pyrolysis plant manufacturers in China.

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine with Good Quality

A tyre recycling pyrolysis plant project not only helps in getting rid of the scrap tires but it has also emerged as a profitable way to solve a big environmental problem. In this method, the tires are heated to a very high temperature in an oxygen free atmosphere which leads to break down of the bigger molecules into smaller molecules. This web has continuous type and small scale machine: https://bestonturkey.com/rubber-recycling-machine/. Find a reliable machine.

These vapors can be directly used for producing power or these can be condensed into an oily liquid which is generally known as pyrolysis oil. This oil can be used as fuel in a variety of industries. There are some other products that are produced in this process such as carbon black, flammable oil gas and steel wire. It is estimated that around 45% of the tyre is converted into oil, 30% into carbon black, 10% into flammable oil gas and around 15% can be recovered in the form of steel wire.

Tyre Recycle Plant with High Quality

As far as the inner working of a tyre pyrolysis machine project is concerned, the first step is to put the raw material into the furnace. Some of the plants available in the market today come with auto feeder where the raw material needs to be placed on the auto feeder line and the feeder takes it directly into the reactor. Once the reactor has been filled with appropriate amount of tyres, the reactor is sealed and it is slowly heated by coal, electricity or some other fuel. There is no oxygen in the reactor as this process takes place in an oxygen free environment. Contact a reliable manufacturer to buy this plant.

Once the temperature inside the reactor reaches 250 to 280 degrees C, the bigger molecules start breaking down and pyrolysis oil is produced through the process. The bigger molecules continue breaking down into small molecules and the oil is being continuously produced until temperature inside the reactor reaches up to 400 degrees C. There is a separator device inside the reactor that separates the light and heavy components. The liquefied part derived from this process is condensed to pyrolysis oil. Get free quotation of Beston waste tyre recycling plant project cost here.

Overall, this process takes anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on the capacity of the reactor and the amount of raw material in the reactor. Only 2 to 3 person crew is needed to operate this plant. This is an extremely profitable business as there is no dearth of raw material and the products generated from the pyrolysis process have high demand in the market and fetch a good price. There is the recommended manufacturer: Beston Machinery.