Tips On Finding The Latest 100 Ton Overhead Crane Available

The use of overhead cranes for any facility is often needed because of extremely heavy products. Whether these are engines, components for airplanes, or containers off of ships, you will need the power of at least 100 ton overhead crane to help you. These can be obtained from reliable businesses that specialize in the production of all possible cranes that are sold today. You can obtain one for a reasonable cost, but you need to know where to look at how to choose the right company to work with that can save you money.

How Overhead Cranes Work

These cranes are situated either on their own support structure, or they may use the existing structure of the facility. There will either be a single girder design, or one that uses twin girders, that will provide the support for the objects that are being lifted. The power of the crane itself is often based upon the type of motor that is used in the hydraulic system that is incorporated. You can find reliable businesses that produce many different types of cranes, and they will certainly have one of these 100 ton overhead cranes(grúa viajera de 100 toneladas) that you can purchase.

How Do You Operate One?

There will be a central console where you can control every aspect of the crane. If not, there will be a panel or a series of buttons on a handheld controller that will either have wires or will be remote. There will be stop and start functionality, as well as levers and buttons the will allow you to lift and lower the merchandise. If it does come equipped with the trolley, or if it is on runway beams up above, you can move the items too many different locations once they are lifted.

Do All Companies Have 100 Ton Overhead Cranes?

Not every business is going to have cranes of this magnitude. They are exceptionally large, and will cost a great deal of money to manufacturer. Therefore, larger businesses tend to be the only ones that will have many of these in stock. If you do need one right away, there could be a manufacturer or a distributor in your area that you can contact promptly. If not, you simply need to find a company that can help you by offering you one of their cranes(una de sus grúas) that can lift this much weight reliably. Finally, decide if this is going to be an indoor or outdoor design as this will depend on your particular business.

overhead crane for sale

Bridge Crane for Sale

Saving money on one of these cranes is a very simple process. When you are lifting this amount of weight, you can expect to pay for a double girder gantry crane in most cases. Supporting that amount of weight can be difficult, unless the crane is designed to lift this amount. Consider the structure, lifting capacity, lifting height, and the speed at which the items can be moved. These factors will contribute to making the right decision when choosing a 100 ton overhead crane that you can use on a daily basis.

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Tips On Buying An Overhead Travelling Crane

Would you like to purchase a new overhead travelling crane? These can be an exceptional addition to your entire business. Traveling cranes are very useful because they can take the merchandise they are able to lift off of trains and trucks and distributed throughout your warehouse. They are also useful at transferring merchandise from one transport to another which makes them very easy and convenient to use. If you have never owned one, here is an overview of why you should consider a traveling overhead crane for your business.

bridge crane for sale

Travelling Bridge Crane for Sale

How Are They Set Up?

Overhead cranes are simply gantry cranes that are connected to a runway beam. The ends of each of the girders, whether this is a single girder or double girder gantry crane, reside in the runway. When given the command, the rollers will move the girders either forward or backward, thus moving the load they are lifting at the same time. These are much more complex to install than a standard gantry crane, but when you have runways set up throughout your entire facility, this can make it very easy to transition merchandise from one location to the other.

overhead crane for sale

Bridge Crane for Sale

What To Consider Before Purchasing One

There are two things that you must consider before you purchase one. First of all, you must consider the overall cost. This is often determined by the amount that the crane can lift, and also how much runway beam material you will need. The bridge drive wheels on opposing ends of the end truck should also be able to reach very high speeds. The faster they move, the more production value they will have, but they will also be much more expensive to purchase. One final thing to consider is the reputation of the business from which you will obtain these overhead traveling cranes. If it is a company that has been creating them for decades, they are likely a good source for these unique devices which are perfect for businesses that do a substantial amount of shipping and storing of merchandise.

Do They Take Very Long To Set Up?

They actually take a very short period of time to set up, especially if you have done this once before. The only additions to a normal installation of this type of gantry crane include the end trucks, bridge drive wheels, and the runway beams up overhead. Once those are welded and bolted into place, you will be able to maneuver your loads. Everything is powered by an electric motor, which uses hydraulic power, to lift, lower, and move the entire apparatus.

If it is time to make an investment into your company, and you have a shipping or storage business, overhead traveling cranes might be exactly what you need to increase your revenue. You can find companies that offer these for very reasonable prices all over the world. You could get these locally as well, but make sure that you get several quotes before choosing the best overhead traveling crane for your business.

Why Purchase a European Bridge Crane For Your Project

Buying a European bridge crane for your project could prove to be a very wise thing. This articles takes a closer look into a few of the advantages of purchasing your industrial equipment from European suppliers. Feel free to do your own research, in order to check whether these considerations apply to your own projects or not.

How to Choose overhead crane price in China

European bridge crane for sale

Europe has a very long tradition in many industries. Some of the factories in Europe are older than everything in America. This comes with the advantage of a huge experience European bridge crane manufacturers (европейский мостовой кран производителя) have acquired along the time. They had to overcome a wide range of problems, so they have improved their cranes with each and every new issue they had to face. Like this, they were able to come up with innovative solutions to make their cranes suit a wider range of projects. Their equipment has been proven to withstand the test of time. This means that you’ll have a bridge crane to rely on for all of your projects.

European bridge crane for sale

Sell European crane beam with a lifting capacity

European companies are also very good at maintaining great business relationships with their clients. They employ experienced customer service representatives and skilled technicians that can help you sort out any issues you may encounter. Keep in mind that you’ll have to install and operate your bridge crane, you’ll need to perform scheduled maintenance works and all needed repairs. It’s good to know that you can reach out to a technical team that knows the equipment inside out. They will guide your technicians to do a good job at maintaining the equipment in perfect shape at any given time. Furthermore, they may be willing to come on site to help you, as Europe isn’t as far as you think.

Simple and efficient in ordering European overhead cranes

How to Choose overhead crane price in China

By buying a European bridge crane (купить мостовой кран по европейски) for your projects, you might be able to save some money on your initial investment. However, keep in mind that different countries in Europe have different costs of living, so you may have to include multiple countries in your research in order to find the really low prices. As a general rule, Eastern Europe is the cheapest, so you may want to start your research from the Balkans and work your way up to the north of the continent. Besides, you should try to identify what are the countries with the biggest experience in building this type of industrial equipment.

Sell European crane beam with a lifting capacity

Simple and efficient in ordering European overhead cranes

All these being said, buying equipment from Europe doesn’t differ too much from purchasing it from your local contractors. You’ll surely have to deal with customs issues, but you can always hire an expert to help you with preparing the proper documentation for your import. Besides, you can rest assured that your European counterpart has its own customs experts, so you won’t have problems in shipping your bridge crane over (мостовые краны цены). These are only a few advantages of making your purchase from a European contractor. However, you’ll need to do your homework in terms of checking the reliability and the work experience of each of the companies on your shortlist.

How You Can Find A High Quality Double Girder EOT Crane

If you are going to be purchasing a double girder EOT crane at some point in the future, you are going to want to try to get the best crane that you possibly can. These cranes offer a lot of advantages straight out of the gate. They tend to have a high load capacity and longer spans than a lot of their competitors. This means that you are already starting out with something great.

With that said, not every crane you can purchase is going to be excellent. As with any type of product, there are bad cranes on the market. If you follow the suggestions outlined below, you will be able to avoid these bad cranes and secure some of the best cranes that are available.

Pay Attention To The Materials The Crane Is Made From

It is always a good idea to look at the materials that a crane was constructed from. If a crane was made from cheap materials, then that crane isn’t going to be very durable. If a crane is made from quality materials, however, you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

You can usually find more about the materials used to produce a crane if you read the product description. If you are comparing two products against each other, you should see if there are any differences in materials. If there are, you should always opt for the crane made with the best materials.

Double girder eot crane for sale

Double Girder EOT Crane

Opt For A Newer Crane Model

Obviously, there have been a lot of advances made in industrial technology over the last few years. The latest products on the market often take advantage of those advances. Because of this, buying a newer crane model may be a very smart move.

You don’t necessarily have to buy one of the newest models on the market, but you should definitely consider it. If you wind up buying a newer crane, you will be able to take advantage of features that older crane models simply don’t offer. No matter what kind of overhead crane you would like to buy, it is suggested to choose the crane with high quality and made from good materials, and to get such kind of crane, please visit this website

Buy From One Of The Best Brands In The Industry

Brands don’t matter with all types of products, but they definitely make a difference when it comes to industrial equipment. The best brands have spent a lot of time honing their designs and testing their products, and they have managed to achieve some very impressive results.

If you buy a double girder EOT crane that was produced by a manufacturer like Ellsen, then it is likely that crane will be a top-rate product. If your goal is to get one of the best cranes on the market, then you need to see what the best brands have to offer.

Finding a high quality double girder EOT crane isn’t something that you can do quickly. It takes time to find a great product. With that said, if you are willing to spend time comparing products, you should be able to find something that you will be happy with. For the perfect double girder eot crane, just click here and you will get what you want.

Acquiring A Price Quote For A Customized Grab Overhead Crane

Grab bucket overheadcranes in steel industries for sale

Grab bucket overheadcranes in steel industries for sale

When you own an organization that deals with bulk materials on a regular basis, an Ellsen grab overhead crane might be able to help your organization improve its overall efficiency. Rather than standard hoist, these cranes are outfitted having a specialized grabbing attachment. The arms for this attachment close and open, enabling these to grab ‘handfuls’ of loose materials as a way to move them from one area to a different.

There are many applications for such dedicated steel mill cranes. For instance, they are often used to move sand, slag, coal, gravel, ore or coke. In essence, the grab handling cranes may be used to move any type of loose material that may be handled in big amounts. These cranes offer a convenient, efficient way to move these types of products around your facility without making use of specialized loading equipment or trucks.

dedicated grabs of the grab bucket handling crane

dedicated grabs of the grab bucket handling crane

When you are contemplating buying a customized grab overhead crane to your steel mill or work shop business, you ought to get quotes from the leading manufacturers in the business. Only by comparing prices can you determine which company has the best offer. Ellsen is one of the leading overhead cranes supplies in China. If you have any quotion requirements, please visit our website: to make in touch with our professional experts.

Double Girder Overhead Crane with Grab Bucket

Double Girder Overhead Crane with Grab Bucket

Needless to say, you should never put price above quality. Even when you don’t have lots of money to enjoy, it is important to spend money on equipment that may be well-made and that is certainly created to last for several years ahead. After all, the longer the crane lasts, the greater return you will get in your investment. You may find it beneficial to spend more money money a better quality steel mill crane which will last as opposed to spending less money on a lesser quality crane that should be replaced much sooner.

There are a number of things that could affect the price tag on the crane. Only by being seated with all the manufacturer and discussing your requirements could you receive an accurate quote for the price of the crane. By customizing the crane for your location, it is possible to help ensure that it is as efficient as possible and that it works well for your needs.

The grab handling crane itself must be designed with built-in safety measures. It should also offer a degree of precision, enabling workers to accurately control the crane when lifting and moving loads. Regarding operation, the controls must be simple to operate and intuitive to understand. Of course, everybody who operates a crane will still have to undergo specialized training. However, by choosing a crane that is easy to use, you are able to help minimize the possibilities of workers making any errors that could result in accidents or injuries.

Obtaining a price quote for the customized grab overhead crane may help you determine whether one of these cranes is a viable selection for your business. It may also permit you to compare costs between different manufacturers to help you decide which the initial one is offering the hottest deal. In accordance with the information that you gather, you need to then be able to make an informed decision about which company you would like to deal with when selecting your crane.

The Basics Of 5 Ton Overhead Cranes

The 5 ton overhead crane is both light and small. It works well for basic lifting work and pairs with an electric hoist to move the loads along and lift them up and down. You can find this hoist in warehouses and factories and this crane features an affordable price point that is very attractive. When you are choosing a 5 ton crane, you will want to choose either the single girder or double girder crane.


The 5 ton crane can be operated by either ground controls or cabin controls. Thee control cabin can be open or closed depending on your preference. The cabin can also be installed on the left or right side, depending on your needs. If you are going to be operating the crane in corrosive conditions then you will need to use an explosion proof 5 ton crane or one that is insulated.

The 5 ton crane is equipped with plenty of safety features that make it a safer crane to operate. Each crane has overheating protection of the motor that can prevent costly damage and ensure the motor is safe. The crane also has lifting travel protection which protects the hoist as it is traveling along. Earth protection protects the surroundings and emergency stop protect automatically stop the crane in case of overloading or instability with the load. The crane also has rubber buffers that protect your load from damage.

The crane is constructed with high quality steel and the girders are held together with high strength bolts which makes the crane easy to assemble and take apart. The travelling mechanism works well with any type of electric hoist and transmission is very easy to use as it uses and open and close type of gear.

One of the best things about the 5 ton overhead crane is how reliable the performance is. The crane can handle continuous lifting and it starts and stops smoothly. The crane needs little maintenance and you can control your load quite easily and position it easily as well. You can purchase the crane in either the single girder or double girder style and the crane can be customized to suit your own specific needs.

When you are ready to get quotes for your crane, you want to make sure you are clear on how much weight you are going to be lifting with the crane. You don’t want to buy a crane that is going to be the wrong size or it will need to be returned. You also need to make sure that the crane is going to fit into your space.

It is important the person operating the crane be trained and you want to make sure that you never overload the crane because that can cause problems. If you treat your 5 ton overhead crane right it is going to give you years of service and you shouldn’t have many problems with it. These cranes are reliable and they are built to last.

Knowing The Many Types Of Light Duty Overhead Cranes

Does your day-to-day business operation involve lifting and moving heavy objects? Then you probably require an overhead crane. This gadget is really a staple across an array of industries, thanks to the many benefits it brings particularly in terms of accelerating the movement of large items and enhancing workflow efficiency. While light duty overhead cranes are typically related to large scale operations, it’s worthy to note that there are smaller versions that prove useful for light duty work. With this resource, you’ll discover the different types of light duty overhead cranes.

HD type european standard overhead crane of ellsen

HD type european standard overhead crane of ellsen

First, it’s important to share overhead cranes and gantry cranes. These terms are usually used interchangeably, as well as for completely understandable reasons. Both devices function in the same way plus they share the identical objective of lifting heavy objects. However, overhead cranes are typically employed to make reference to cranes utilized in large industrial settings. They are commonly fixed to your ceiling or wall. Gantry cranes, alternatively, usually talk about smaller overhead cranes noticed in smaller work stations.

That is why for light duty applications, a Ellsen’s EOT crane  is the higher choice. But don’t let these terms confuse you. What matters most is the crane you end up picking has the right specifications. Since you’re only working with relatively lighter objects, you should have no problems finding a crane with plenty of load capacity. Be sure you make certain in order to ensure that you simply select the best crane for the applications necessary in your operations.

garage overhead crane

garage overhead crane

One of the more common instances of a crane used in a small office will be the shop overhead crane. Just as the name suggests, this kind of crane is made to be employed in small shops. In many instances, a 25 ton overhead crane is portable. It usually comes along with wheels so it might be easily moved from one place to another. This proves extremely useful especially should you not require a fixed overhead crane, which would mean paying more for installation costs.

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There are also manufacturers that supply single and double girder configurations. If you’re unfamiliar with the technical specifications, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer about what type better suits your business. It’s also recommended to achieve the manufacturer or supplier see your location. This gives the expert to take measurements of the work environment the location where the cheap overhead shop crane will probably be placed. Using this method, you are able to ensure that you’ll get the right crane size that leaves enough room for other operations in your place of work.

Light duty cranes would be the perfect solution for businesses that require lifting heavy items in the project place. They come in varying specifications to help you easily pick the best load capacity in accordance with the unique uses of your business. Do not forget to research regarding the manufacturer that you’ll purchase the crane. You may ask colleagues and study reviews in regards to the company to make certain that they offer sturdy, durable and quality cranes. With enough research, it’s possible to sift through the various kinds of light duty overhead cranes and get the best fit to your business.

The Most Popular Loading Capacities For Double Overhead Girder Cranes

One of the things you will have to think about when selecting a double overhead girder crane is loading capacity. There are a number of products on the market, each with their own loading capacity. Which one is best for you?

Higher loading capacities tend to be more popular than lower ones. A lot of companies like to give themselves more options. With that said, every loading capacity has its place. You’ll have to think about what is ideal for your workplace.

What Will My Crane Be Carrying?

Think about the kind of type of items your girder crane (grúa de viga) will be carrying. How large are they? How much do they typically way?

Ideally, the loading capacity you choose should be slightly higher than the weight of your average load. That way, you’ll be able to manage all of your loads without any kind of issue. If your average load and your loading capacity are about the same, you may wind up encountering some problems.

double girder overhead crane - capacidad de carga

What Are Your Priorities?

In some facilities, cranes are used to move small loads at a fairly quick pace. In others, cranes move larger loads, but transport them more slowly.

You should think about what you prioritize. Do you care more about speed, or transporting more items at once? Think about the way you want your job site to function. Try to find a crane that will help you work the way you want to work.

Talk To Your Colleagues

If you have friends in the industry, talk to them about the double girder overhead cranes (gruas viajeras bipuente) that they use. Find out what they typically transport, and learn what the loading capacities of their cranes are.

You won’t necessarily want a crane with the same loading capacity as theirs. If you are transporting different items, you are obviously going to have different needs.

With that said, you should try to take the information they give you on board . Use their feedback to determine what kind of crane you should be looking for. If your crane works well for other people, it should work for you as well.

double overhead girder crane

Ask Experts For Advice

When you are purchasing your crane, you may want to ask the salespeople for some feedback. Many of these people are experts on industrial machinery (maquinaria industrial), and they want you to be thrilled with your purchase. Let them guide you towards the right product.

If you’re shopping online, you may be able to open up an email or start some kind of live chat. Get the advice that you need so that you can make a purchase you’ll be happy with.

Now that you know a little bit more about the most popular loading capacity for a double girder overhead crane, you can try to find a product that will work well for you. There are a variety of girder cranes on the market, just like double girder and single one (MONOPUENTE). No matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find a machine that will serve your needs.ç