Tips On Buying An Overhead Travelling Crane

Would you like to purchase a new overhead travelling crane? These can be an exceptional addition to your entire business. Traveling cranes are very useful because they can take the merchandise they are able to lift off of trains and trucks and distributed throughout your warehouse. They are also useful at transferring merchandise from one transport to another which makes them very easy and convenient to use. If you have never owned one, here is an overview of why you should consider a traveling overhead crane for your business.

bridge crane for sale

Travelling Bridge Crane for Sale

How Are They Set Up?

Overhead cranes are simply gantry cranes that are connected to a runway beam. The ends of each of the girders, whether this is a single girder or double girder gantry crane, reside in the runway. When given the command, the rollers will move the girders either forward or backward, thus moving the load they are lifting at the same time. These are much more complex to install than a standard gantry crane, but when you have runways set up throughout your entire facility, this can make it very easy to transition merchandise from one location to the other.

overhead crane for sale

Bridge Crane for Sale

What To Consider Before Purchasing One

There are two things that you must consider before you purchase one. First of all, you must consider the overall cost. This is often determined by the amount that the crane can lift, and also how much runway beam material you will need. The bridge drive wheels on opposing ends of the end truck should also be able to reach very high speeds. The faster they move, the more production value they will have, but they will also be much more expensive to purchase. One final thing to consider is the reputation of the business from which you will obtain these overhead traveling cranes. If it is a company that has been creating them for decades, they are likely a good source for these unique devices which are perfect for businesses that do a substantial amount of shipping and storing of merchandise.

Do They Take Very Long To Set Up?

They actually take a very short period of time to set up, especially if you have done this once before. The only additions to a normal installation of this type of gantry crane include the end trucks, bridge drive wheels, and the runway beams up overhead. Once those are welded and bolted into place, you will be able to maneuver your loads. Everything is powered by an electric motor, which uses hydraulic power, to lift, lower, and move the entire apparatus.

If it is time to make an investment into your company, and you have a shipping or storage business, overhead traveling cranes might be exactly what you need to increase your revenue. You can find companies that offer these for very reasonable prices all over the world. You could get these locally as well, but make sure that you get several quotes before choosing the best overhead traveling crane for your business.