The Benefits Of Buying A Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant From Aimix Group

Thinking about investing in a mobile asphalt mixing plant? If so, it is highly recommended that you buy one from the Aimix Group. Thanks to decades of experience in the manufacturing of high quality construction machinery, the Aimix Group has been able to fine tune their designs and with it manufacture reliable, durable and easy to use mobile asphalt mixing plants.

The mobile asphalt mixing plant from Aimix is designed to be used in the construction and repair of asphalt roads as well as the construction of asphalt road paving. Each mobile plant is made up of a wheeled base, batching, burning, drying, vibrating, hot aggregate material lifting, weighing and mixing, asphalt and powder supply systems as well as a heat storage compartment.

To find out more about the main benefits of choosing a mobile asphalt plant from Aimix Group, read on below.


One of the main benefits of buying your portable asphalt mixing plant from the Aimix Group comes in form of the available variety. The manufacturer markets both 40t/h and 160t/h portable plants. With this variety, buyers have a better chance of finding an asphalt mixing plant that perfectly matches their own unique requirements, as determined by the intended applications.

Choosing a plant that matches the expected capacity of the intended applications eliminates the risk of over/under utilization of the plant during projects.

Reliable Equipment

The Aimix Group has been manufacturing high quality construction equipment for close to three decades. During this period, the manufacturer has gained extensive experience in the field, and with it, developed highly efficient, effective and durable equipment that can be used across the globe. In fact, that company’s equipment has been deployed in numerous projects in more than 56 countries across the world.

Simply put, the Aimix Group puts a lot of effort and expertise in the manufacture of high quality and reliable construction equipment, including mobile asphalt mixing plants.

Reliable After Sales Service

Mobile asphalt plant for sale is designed to be deployed in a different road and paving construction projects. The equipment needs to be set up and taken down every now and then, as it is moved from one construction site to the next, in case you run into any problems, you will be happy to know that the company provides highly responsive and reliable customer support.

The timely resolution of any issues ensures that you can get back to work as soon as possible, whenever the unexpected happens. To ensure that you have all the help you need in the least amount of time, the Aimix Group has opened warehouses and offices in five countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, UZ, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Free Replacement Parts

Another great benefit of buying a mobile asphalt mixing plant from Aimix comes in the form of free replacement parts. When you buy your portable plant, you will also be provided with free wearing parts. This not only saves you a lot of money, but also helps you avoid wasting time waiting for replacement parts when you need them.


As you can clearly see from the above, there are many advantages of buying a mobile asphalt mixing plant from the Aimix Group from

General Information On What Asphalt Mixing Plants Are

Asphalt plants are specially designed plants that were created especially to produce hot asphalt. To produce the asphalt, the plant needs to use raw materials like sand, fillers, bitumen, and aggregates. However, all of these must be added in specific proportions to produce quality products. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about asphalt mixing plants.

One of the main features of the plant is that it easily heats the aggregates before mixing them with the bitumen(con el betún) and adhesive products. During this part of the process, aggregates should be sized uniformly so that they can then be used in combination with other materials that come in different orientations. Both of these are then mixed with coarser particles and fillers to produce top-quality asphalt.

Typically, batch mix plants tend to consist of quite a few components. The first main one is the cold aggregate feeder bin. As the name suggests, materials are stored in them and are then separated according to their sizes. The feeder belts are located below the bins and a specially designed conveyor.

The conveyor is used to move aggregates from one belt to a specially designed drying system. The materials are then sent to a vibrating screen where they are separated depending on how big or small they are. Within the drying drum, there is a burner that removes the moisture before transporting them to achieve the desired mixing temperature.

After this is done, they are then sent into a tower where they pass through a couple of different layers. The first is another vibrating screen that separates them so they can be stored according to their sizes. After this part of the process, they are stored according to size in different bins.

These bins are termed hot bins and are located just below the screening unit. When aggregates are placed in the bins, they are held for a while before they are mixed according to weight. After the mixing and weighing process, it is then finally released into the mixing section of the plant. Both filler and bitumen are then released into the unit after they are weighed.

At the end of mixing, the new mixture is released into the silo or trucks. To comply with environmental standards, special control devices that control the pollution(controlar la contaminación) released into the atmosphere are equipped onto the plant. However, most asphalt plants tend to use filter bag units since it is more economical.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

When the bags are in use, fines are passed through them. During the process, the bags trap dust inside. After the asphalt plant filtered the fines, the dust is collected and later reintroduced into the elevator that runs to the aggregates.

As we conclude, we have just looked at what asphalt mixing plants are. We’ve also just looked at some additional information on how they work. If you’re thinking of expanding your business, an asphalt plant just might be a good investment. However, you’ll need to look for a reputable supplier before you can purchase your plant.

Top Factors to Be Considered Before Purchasing an Asphalt Batch Plant

Asphalt batch plants are used in mixing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), made of bitumen, and other filler materials. There are several electrical and mechanical components that build up a fluid process to combine these different parts. Many types of asphalt batching plants exist in the construction market today. As such, this article endeavors to offer a complete guide to purchasing the right kind of asphalt batch plant. Here are the top considerations to make:

1. Construction environment & batching plant capacity

Before purchasing the drum mix plant, consider the size of the construction site in relation to the desired size of the equipment. The size of the site will have a lot to do with the size of the project, and in turn, how much asphalt will be required. These factors inform on the appropriate batching capacity of the plant, from 15CU m3, 30 Cu m3, and so on.

Besides this, also consider factors like distance between the construction site and material conveyors and well as the traffic on the site. A busy road will require a machine that occupies less space, and so on.

2. Reliability of the equipment

High-quality asphalt makes better pavements. This said it is good for businesses to ensure that a reliable and efficient batching plant is purchased. This can be determined by looking at the machine’s specifications and requirements, product parameters, control systems, customization options, and other product features.

3. Conduct a thorough batching plant cost analysis

With the many options in the market, you have to evaluate the amount to spend on the asphalt batching plant for sale. You should come up with a budget that is realistic. At the same time, however, you should conduct a cost analysis with regard to the future. There is no need to purchase a machine that will be replaced 2 years down the line after business expansion. If the future is bright, investing once in a high-quality asphalt batch plant will make more sense.

asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers

Other costs to consider include site preparation costs, installation costs, electrical consumption, and plumbing costs as well as maintenance costs. Remember to compare performance with the buying cost. You may buy a cheaper machine, only to find that it produces poor quality HMA.

4. Engine attributes and Plant performance

You should also inspect the engine and the quality of the aspal mixing plant mini in general. Some aspects to consider would be the production efficiency, adaptability to mixing different kinds of materials, a strong overload capacity, quality of asphalt given, and reliability.

5. Filler Material options

Different manufacturers and construction contractors have different techniques for mixing their materials for HMA. You should, therefore, look for filler material options that are compatible with the batching plant you are considering. This will determine the number of bins for the bitumen plant.

6. Brand Name and Worth

Purchasing a batch plant from a well-known manufacturer comes with its fair share of advantages. First is a reliable warranty and other after-sale services. Second is the likelihood of finding online reviews about the product, which exposes the truth about the quality of the machine. Third, a renowned brand of great worth is more likely to manufacture better equipment.

It is vital to get the best combination of price and quality! For any queries, reach out to asphalt batch plant experts. Check more info.

Tips On Obtaining The Right Indonesia Mini Asphalt Plant Price

The production of asphalt is a necessity worldwide. As people build new roads, driveways, or even parking lots, this material as needed. From large to small jobs, new construction projects are happening all over the world. In Indonesia, and area of the world that is growing rapidly, you need to have efficient asphalt mixing plants. It’s even better if you can obtain one that is much smaller. These tend to be portable. If you would like to invest in one to improve your business, there are many companies that can help you. You can also get the best Indonesia mini asphalt plant price by using the following suggestions.

How Asphalt Is Produced

Asphalt is the result of converting petroleum products into the solid material that we use every day. Aggregate material must be added to the mix, and this gives it extra strength and longevity. The proper combination of crushed rock, sand, bitumen, and other materials will create long-lasting asphalt for different construction projects. This is only possible through the use of asphalt plants that can mix all of this together. Read more here:

Asphalt Mixing Plant In Indonesia

Overview Of How Asphalt Plants Are Constructed

These have many different components that must all coordinate together to produce asphalt. This includes the large amount of fine and course aggregate material that is mixed with the petroleum-based product. There will also be conveyor belts, drum mixers, dryer burners, and collectors that will eventually lead to the storage of this material. All of this can be minimized, built as a portable unit, that you can bring with you to different jobsites. That’s why it is so important to have a mini asphalt plant that can help you complete more projects.

The Benefits Of A Mini Asphalt Plant

There are so many benefits to using these. Despite their size, the volume of asphalt that is produced is phenomenal. Modern advancements have allowed these units to become extremely efficient. Additionally, the prices for these units have come down significantly. This is because of competition worldwide where different businesses are making very similar units. It’s easy to find a company that makes them in Indonesia. You can get at very reasonable price on one by simply requesting different quotes. Be sure to also inquire about the dust collectors, hot aggregate elevators, vibrating screens, and the filter supply system. Once you have this information, combined with the estimate on the total cost, you will be able to choose the right miniature asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt mixing plant

How to find the lowest Indonesia mini asphalt plant price, it begins with just a little bit of research on time. You will obtain a quote from a reliable business that could be close to your location. They can send it directly to you once you have obtained it online. Speaking with these businesses over the phone is also possible. If that is what you would prefer, it will be very easy to do. Their websites will have all of the information you will need to make the best decision and also get the lowest Indonesia mini asphalt plant price.

How To Get Favorable And Affordable Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Price

Getting favorable and affordable hot mix asphalt plant price can be a daunting task. This is because there are so many sellers selling hot mix asphalt plants. And these sellers have different prices. So, do not rush to choose a seller without comparing the prices of the different sellers.

asphalt batch mix plant for sale

Here is how to get favorable and affordable hot mix asphalt plant price.

Price Comparison

You can start by comparing the prices of the different sellers selling hot mix asphalt plants. However, some sellers may have cheap prices because they sell poor quality hot mix asphalt plants. Do not use these sellers. They are the worst because they will take your money and ignore your calls or messages.

Comparing the prices of the different sellers is easy. Most sellers sell their hot mix asphalt plants on the internet. Therefore, they have websites. To know their prices, visit these websites. You will check out their prices. You can choose a seller that has favorable and affordable hot mix asphalt plant price.

This does not mean that you choose a seller that has poor-quality plants. To know the quality of the plants of these sellers, read their reviews. Once you find sellers that have favorable and affordable prices, check if these sellers have complaints. Choose a seller that does not have complaints.

asphalt hot mix plant price

asphalt hot mix plant price

Use a Manufacturer

Most asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers have favorable and affordable prices. The problem is choosing the right manufacturer. Some buyers rush to select a manufacturer. They do not learn everything about these manufacturers. So, they always choose the wrong manufacturer.

To get the best hot mix asphalt plants, choose the best manufacturers. And the best manufacturers have several years of experience. They have a good reputation. They do not have complaints. And they have favorable prices. You will never regret buying this plant from these manufacturers.

Additionally, it is hard to know the reputation of new manufacturers. They do not have a proven track record. So, they may be selling poor quality hot mix asphalt plants. In fact, some of them usually have cheap prices because they are trying to attract new customers. Do not rely on new manufacturers.

asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers

asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers

Visit Local Suppliers

There are local suppliers that sell hot mix asphalt plants. It is time to give them a visit. You are looking for the best plants in the market. And the only way you will know about these plants is by visiting several local suppliers. You will meet with some of their sales agents.

Ask them questions about their hot mix asphalt plants and the cost of maintaining their plants. You want plants that will last for a long time. So, ask their workers to tell you more about their hot mix asphalt plants. Then, select affordable plants that will last for a long time.

However, there are untrustworthy local suppliers. You will find that a lot of people hate these suppliers. These suppliers usually target first time buyers. They know these people are completely new in this industry. So, it is easy to convince them. Do not choose these suppliers.

These are the best ways: of getting favorable and affordable hot mix asphalt plant price.

Best Reasons To Invest In An Asphalt Mixing Plant

Investing in more equipment for your asphalt business might be the key to improving your revenue this year. If you have plenty of workers, but you are lacking equipment, you may need to invest in a small or large asphalt mixing plant. It is very common for these businesses to have one main asphalt plant, one that will mix up what they need for every job. However, portable ones are also very useful. These reasons for investing in a new asphalt mixing plant (асфальтосмесительная установка) will show you why this is such a good investment.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

How Does A Typical Asphalt Mixing Plant Work?

These are unique industrial pieces of equipment. They work with materials such as bitumen, fly ash, and aggregate material. It is the bitumen that makes up most of the asphalt that you will pour. If you have ever driven past a portable unit, you know how hot they can feel, even if you are inside of your vehicle. These mixing plants can be extremely large. They will have separate areas where the aggregate material, bitumen, flash, and other components will be stored. These will be delivered by conveyor belt to a mixing drum, some of which can be quite large. Click this link to get learn more about this process of production:

How Is This Delivered To The Job Sites?

Delivering these two a jobsite can be done by your trucks, or you may hire a separate company to do this for you. If you are expanding your business, yet you have not invested in additional asphalt delivery trucks, you may want to start looking for trucks that you can buy. Asphalt mixing plants that are portable are simply brought to the locations where the asphalt will be manufactured. It may take several minutes to heat up, but once everything is mixed in the slurry of bitumen and other components, it can easily be poured and used.

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant for sale

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Price

How Do You Locate Businesses That Are Selling Them Now?

These are going to be available domestically and also from international sources. The companies (крупные компании) that most people recommend are usually quite large. They have many of the asphalt mixing plants in stock. You should be able to find them quickly. Online advertisements are the best way to get this contact information. They will also display images of the ones that they are selling. After you have this information, based upon your budget and your current needs, you can obtain one for your company.

The asphalt mixing plants that are made today are so much better than what was available decades ago. They are able to sustain a specific amount of heat to keep the mixture in a liquid form. If you have one of these already, you may want to consider this type of investment. It is the best way to take on more jobs because the asphalt (асфальт) can be produced. If you do run an asphalt mixing plant that sells to other companies, adding an additional one will help you make more money. If this is for your own business, use the same evaluation techniques to obtain one that you can use for less.

Where You Can Purchase A Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant For Less

Would you like to purchase new equipment for your construction company? Perhaps you have a business that is specifically laying concrete or asphalt on a regular basis. If you are, you will want to look for a new one that is affordable but is also a reliable piece of equipment. It’s difficult to find companies that can provide you with both excellent deals and superior equipment. That’s why many people will start searching in China. This is where most of the top equipment in the world is produced for industrial and commercial purposes. If you would need a quality stationary asphalt mixing plant that is superior, but for a lower price, these suggestions will lead you to one quickly.

stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale

stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale

The Main Reason That People Purchase These Stationary Asphalt Batching Plants

The primary reason that people search for these is that they have many jobs that are not directly at one specific jobsite, they will have a team of workers go to remote locations to complete them for many different clients. If you have such a situation, and you are short one of these small asphalt plants for sale, or if you would like to purchase a brand-new one that is excessively large that can produce thousands of gallons of asphalt every single month, then you will need to get one that is sizable and affordable.

How To Get Excellent Deals On These Batching Plants

You can compare several of the companies that are currently advertising the asphalt batch mix plant for sale that they are promoting online. They will have all of the specs that you will need to make a good decision on which one will work best for your company. If you have not been able to find one after the first few days, you simply need to keep looking. You may want to branch out to websites that specifically sell this type of equipment.

stationary asphalt plants

stationary asphalt plants

How To Make The Right Choice

Making the right choice only requires you to do three different things. First of all, consider the size of the batching plant that you are going to purchase. Second, look at the asphalt plant price that you are going to pay for each one of them. Finally, consider the shipping time for the batching plant because you may need to have it set up by the end of the month. If all three factors light up with one particular company, even if they are slightly higher than one of the other competing businesses, you should choose the company that is most accommodating to whatever it is that you need.

These can be very useful, preventing you from having to purchase expensive asphalt from other companies that are producing it with their own asphalt drum mix plant. You may end up selling your access to other businesses just like them. It’s a great way to generate more revenue for your company, and also have full control over the asphalt that you are producing for every job that you do. As long as you have done your research, the one that you end up with, or the multiple batching plants that you purchase, are going to help your business.