Your Ultimate Pyrolysis Machine that Effectively Turns Plastic into Fuel


Pyrolysis plant is essentially a plant that subjects, say, plastic to extremely high temperatures (400 – 450 degree Celsius) effectively turning plastic into fuel oil. The plant process breaks down plastic into smaller molecules of pyrolysis gas, carbon black and pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis plant, therefore, provides a great way of reducing, reusing and recycling waste plastic products. Below are more details on turning waste plastic to oil machine cost, features and benefits.

conversion of plastic waste to fuel oil 

Conversion of plastic waste to fuel oil

Is our pyrolysis machine environmentally friendly?

Yes! With a whole set of effective carbon black discharging mechanism, our machine enables you to collect carbon black into bags, turns it into fuel and hence make money out of it. The resulting smoke, on the other hand, is filtered by use of reliable dust removing systems, draught fans, as well as a cooling chimney to further remove dust and ensure the final emission into the environment is colorless, odorless and contains no pollutants-and hence is environmentally friendly. The oil from plastic waste fetches good price in the market.

Economical features of our pyrolysis machines

1. Our pyrolysis plant greatly saves energy. Equipped with effective waste gas (such as ethane, methane, propane, hydrogen) recycling system, besides our waste plastic pyrolysis plant costing less, it recycles back the gas right into the incinerator to heat reactor. The end result is a huge saving on energy making our plant very economical. This system is, therefore, ideal for customers who are working on a lean budget and seeks to save on fuel.

waste plastic to fuel plant

Waste plastic to fuel plant

2. High Oil yield. Besides waste plastic to fuel machine costing a fraction of other alternatives, our system adopts advanced reliable and independent cooling mechanism. We focus our efforts towards increasing the rate of cooling and increasing the cooling area so as to cool a lot of oil gas to obtain more oil. Additionally, we use a catalyst so as to output high quality oil. All these efforts as well as our long experience in this field enable our pyrolysis machine to output more high quality oil.

Benefits of using our Pyrolysis machines


Our waste plastic to oil machine comes with several safety features including safety valve, pressure gauge, and alarm devices among may more. Whenever there is excess pressure in the reactor, the alarm will ring to notify you. If not around, there is no cause for alarm; the handy safety valve release pressure automatically. We have also eliminated the risk of explosion thanks to the presence of anti-back fire device and oil-water separator. These two features prevent the waste from going back into the reactor and jamming it.

Entirely automatic

Turning plastic into fuel oil tyre pyrolysis machine cost is not only low but the machine is fully automatic. We have automated by equipping it with an auto-feeder that can put ten tons of its raw materials into the reactor in 2 to 3 hours, up from the manpower’s loading rate of ten tons in 6 to 7 hours. Additionally, the rest of the process right from feeding to discharge is entirely automatic. What is the outcome? Our Pyrolysis machines are extremely easy to operate.


If you are looking for a machine that can enable you turn plastic waste into cash, is environmentally friendly and extremely safe, we have a perfect solution for you. Our tried and tested, widely preferred and reliable turning plastic into fuel oil pyrolysis machine costing less than its actual worth is ideal for you. Apart from the above positive features, it is economical to operate.