Information About Rubber Powder Machines

With the quick progress of the world transportation field and automobile field, the demand of all type of tires is raising every day. Now, over billions of tires are sold all parts of the world each year. Based on the research, fifty to fifty five percent raw rubbers are utilized for the tire producing each year. For security purpose, automobiles must alter tires after each 30,000 to 50,000 km travel distance. In this method, billions of waste tires, up to seventeen million tons can be manufactured in one year. waste tires are a type of refractory polymer elastomer or non fusible material that will need more years to decompose. Waste tire issue has turned as very serious issue to atmosphere. Besides, there is a rubber recycling machine to utilize waste rubber.

tyre shredder for sale

Tyre Shredder For Sale

Semi Automatic:

Due to this, apart from pyrolysis equipment, the rubber powder manufacturing line is another growth and design machine availed for recycling waste tires to rubber powder. This rubber powder is availed for processing availed tires and rubbers to rubber powders. The rubber powder machine can separate the three big raw materials had in tires: steel wire, rubber and fiber. By the rubber reducer can bring back the utilized tires and rubber to the status prior vulcanization, that can be availed for creating all types of rubber items, hence as to attain the waste recycling. To better fulfill consumers demand, manufacturers deliver two types of rubber powder making line. One is semi automatical production line and other is fully automatical. The first line semi automatic has five parts like tire strip, tire ring cutter, tire block cutter, steel wire separator and rubber powder production machine.

Beston Rubber Powder Production Line

Beston Rubber Powder Production Line

Fully Automatic:

Tire ring cutter is availed for cutting the tire steel wire. Tire steel wire separator is for separating the wire from the tires, tire strip cutter is for cutting the tire to trips for tire block tire block cutter is utilized for cutting the tire, rubber powder manufacturing machine is the final step to procedure the tire blocks to rubber powder. Companies have various standards of rubber powder production line can process the rubber powder in to various sizes for different uses. Fully automatical has three parts like tire shredder, steel wire drawing machine and rubber powder manufacturing machine. Steel wire drawing equipment is availed for pulling out the wire from the tires in the automatic manner. If you wanna turn these rubber to oil, contact Beston for details.

Different Size and Uses:

Tyre shredder can process the full tires or big tire in to small pieces. Rubber powder manufacturing machine is the final step to process the tires to rubber powder. Manufacturers have various standards of rubber powder making machine can process the rubber powder in to various sizes for various uses. The process is to change the granulated products in to fine powder. This is performed by the way of pulverizes. They are high speed grinders that are utilized for processing the hard, friable, impact resistant materials. The waste produced from the chemical, food and pharmaceutical field can be pulverized to prepare the fine powder. Rubber powder is widely availed to construct high way road, playground etc.

tyre cutting machine

Tyre Cutting Machine

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