Innovative Small Concrete Pumps For Sale


Bigger isn’t necessarily always better and the invention of the mini concrete pump is just one example of an item of construction machinery to demonstrate this. The pump is designed for transferring concrete to locations that are challenging to access with a conventional boom pump or a wheelbarrow. Small concrete pumps from the best manufacturers combine robustness with efficiency and offer great reliability and versatility. Most designs can discharge liquid concrete of any consistency above S2 consistency from mixer trucks of any size. The mini pumps are essentially there to fill the gap between trailer mounted pumps and small boom pumps.

Concrete Pumping In Restricted Access Construction Sites

When working on a construction site with restricted access, a miniature concrete pump can be a great machine for businesses to have in their equipment arsenal. All you need to do lay pipes to the difficult to reach areas and you are ready to automatically transport liquid concrete to them with the latest mini concrete pump models. The good news is that modern designs are capable of discharging concrete both horizontally and vertically. Pipes can be affixed to scaffolding to allow for the concrete to be conveyed to higher floors in a building. A typically concrete pump has a maximum horizontally and vertically conveying distances of 100m and 200m respectively. Of course, you can find pumps for sale that offer even great performance capabilities.

small concrete pump

Advantages Of Mini Concrete Pumps

As previously discussed, mini concrete pumps offer the benefit of being able to reach confined areas on a construction site. Another benefit of buying such a pump is that it can offer a more cost-effective solution to construction businesses than hiring a large boom pump for sale. The running costs of larger devices can quickly add up. Furthermore, the best miniature concrete pumps are engineered to operate in all types of weather. So, you don’t have to worry about missing construction project deadlines due to unreliable, weather-dependent concrete pumping equipment.

A benefit of mini line concrete pumps that are often not talked about enough is that they offer a clean method of dispersing and delivering concrete. The pipes ensure no concrete wastage or spillages. This means businesses can save time and money on construction site cleanups and also reduce the volume of liquid concrete required for different building projects.

Small Concrete Pumps Prices

Arguably the best way to avail of competitive prices on concrete pumping machinery is to shop online. There are dozens of leading global manufacturers that export pumps to international customers all over the world. Furthermore, some online suppliers run time-limited small concrete pump sales. During those sales is when you can often access the best price deals on mini concrete pumps. There are of course a few additional factors to take into consideration when buying a concrete pump from an overseas seller. For instance, you might need to calculate import taxes, currency exchange fees, and global shipping costs. You also need to allow more time for the delivery of your order. That all said, overseas suppliers nearly always have the lowest prices on high-grade concrete pumps. Check more details: