The Benefits Of Buying A Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant From Aimix Group

Thinking about investing in a mobile asphalt mixing plant? If so, it is highly recommended that you buy one from the Aimix Group. Thanks to decades of experience in the manufacturing of high quality construction machinery, the Aimix Group has been able to fine tune their designs and with it manufacture reliable, durable and easy to use mobile asphalt mixing plants.

The mobile asphalt mixing plant from Aimix is designed to be used in the construction and repair of asphalt roads as well as the construction of asphalt road paving. Each mobile plant is made up of a wheeled base, batching, burning, drying, vibrating, hot aggregate material lifting, weighing and mixing, asphalt and powder supply systems as well as a heat storage compartment.

To find out more about the main benefits of choosing a mobile asphalt plant from Aimix Group, read on below.


One of the main benefits of buying your portable asphalt mixing plant from the Aimix Group comes in form of the available variety. The manufacturer markets both 40t/h and 160t/h portable plants. With this variety, buyers have a better chance of finding an asphalt mixing plant that perfectly matches their own unique requirements, as determined by the intended applications.

Choosing a plant that matches the expected capacity of the intended applications eliminates the risk of over/under utilization of the plant during projects.

Reliable Equipment

The Aimix Group has been manufacturing high quality construction equipment for close to three decades. During this period, the manufacturer has gained extensive experience in the field, and with it, developed highly efficient, effective and durable equipment that can be used across the globe. In fact, that company’s equipment has been deployed in numerous projects in more than 56 countries across the world.

Simply put, the Aimix Group puts a lot of effort and expertise in the manufacture of high quality and reliable construction equipment, including mobile asphalt mixing plants.

Reliable After Sales Service

Mobile asphalt plant for sale is designed to be deployed in a different road and paving construction projects. The equipment needs to be set up and taken down every now and then, as it is moved from one construction site to the next, in case you run into any problems, you will be happy to know that the company provides highly responsive and reliable customer support.

The timely resolution of any issues ensures that you can get back to work as soon as possible, whenever the unexpected happens. To ensure that you have all the help you need in the least amount of time, the Aimix Group has opened warehouses and offices in five countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, UZ, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Free Replacement Parts

Another great benefit of buying a mobile asphalt mixing plant from Aimix comes in the form of free replacement parts. When you buy your portable plant, you will also be provided with free wearing parts. This not only saves you a lot of money, but also helps you avoid wasting time waiting for replacement parts when you need them.


As you can clearly see from the above, there are many advantages of buying a mobile asphalt mixing plant from the Aimix Group from