Top Factors to Be Considered Before Purchasing an Asphalt Batch Plant

Asphalt batch plants are used in mixing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), made of bitumen, and other filler materials. There are several electrical and mechanical components that build up a fluid process to combine these different parts. Many types of asphalt batching plants exist in the construction market today. As such, this article endeavors to offer a complete guide to purchasing the right kind of asphalt batch plant. Here are the top considerations to make:

1. Construction environment & batching plant capacity

Before purchasing the drum mix plant, consider the size of the construction site in relation to the desired size of the equipment. The size of the site will have a lot to do with the size of the project, and in turn, how much asphalt will be required. These factors inform on the appropriate batching capacity of the plant, from 15CU m3, 30 Cu m3, and so on.

Besides this, also consider factors like distance between the construction site and material conveyors and well as the traffic on the site. A busy road will require a machine that occupies less space, and so on.

2. Reliability of the equipment

High-quality asphalt makes better pavements. This said it is good for businesses to ensure that a reliable and efficient batching plant is purchased. This can be determined by looking at the machine’s specifications and requirements, product parameters, control systems, customization options, and other product features.

3. Conduct a thorough batching plant cost analysis

With the many options in the market, you have to evaluate the amount to spend on the asphalt batching plant for sale. You should come up with a budget that is realistic. At the same time, however, you should conduct a cost analysis with regard to the future. There is no need to purchase a machine that will be replaced 2 years down the line after business expansion. If the future is bright, investing once in a high-quality asphalt batch plant will make more sense.

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Other costs to consider include site preparation costs, installation costs, electrical consumption, and plumbing costs as well as maintenance costs. Remember to compare performance with the buying cost. You may buy a cheaper machine, only to find that it produces poor quality HMA.

4. Engine attributes and Plant performance

You should also inspect the engine and the quality of the aspal mixing plant mini in general. Some aspects to consider would be the production efficiency, adaptability to mixing different kinds of materials, a strong overload capacity, quality of asphalt given, and reliability.

5. Filler Material options

Different manufacturers and construction contractors have different techniques for mixing their materials for HMA. You should, therefore, look for filler material options that are compatible with the batching plant you are considering. This will determine the number of bins for the bitumen plant.

6. Brand Name and Worth

Purchasing a batch plant from a well-known manufacturer comes with its fair share of advantages. First is a reliable warranty and other after-sale services. Second is the likelihood of finding online reviews about the product, which exposes the truth about the quality of the machine. Third, a renowned brand of great worth is more likely to manufacture better equipment.

It is vital to get the best combination of price and quality! For any queries, reach out to asphalt batch plant experts. Check more info.